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Touch Gamepad - Get Started

Step1. Registration

Supports any smartphones and tablets with HTML5 web-browser as Touch Gamepads. (Cross-platform)

Your E-mail Address    

After registration you will recieve the URL for your mobile device by E-mail.

Step2. Installing Server Application.

Download and install WoJ Emulator Extreme Edition on your PC.

Step3. Loading or creating a Touch Layout.

Open World of Joysticks Emulator. Load the Basic configuration. Right-Click the application window and
choose the "Touch Gamepad" item from contextual menu. Enter the Registration Email Address
in the appropriated textbox. Here also you can modify the layout
or create a new one. At the end of editing press "Save as HTML"
and "Done" buttons and switch to "Playing" mode in the main window.

Step4. Opening registration URL on the mobile device.

Open recieved URL on your smartphone or tablet in the web-browser.
Your mobile device will be connected to PC and you'll see the same layout on the touch
screen. Now you can start playing the game. For more comfortable playing switch to
FullScreen mode by existing button, disable screen rotation and auto screen-off in the
OS settings or by third-party applications.
(for Android there are Screen Rotation Toggle control and No Screen Off software.)
Read documentation for more info.

Verified mobile platforms: Android and iOS.
Recommended mobile Web-browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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